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eWhiz’s is designed and developed by Tiaano Soft, a leading software solution provider. Millions of our clients are efficiently doing email marketing by visiting our “eWhizs” newsletter software. They represent different sectors like Industry, Financial Services, entertainment, Information & Technology, Professional services, Manufacturing, Travel, Childcare and Advertisement & Marketing etc.

eWhizs is web based software that allows us to make the full advantage of it concisely. It serves as a powerful tool to create, send, manage, examine and track newsletters. Easy to concentrate on the content, analyze and respond to the results of the venture.

eWhizs includes a full collection of tools within the template library for online content creation and storage. It includes WYSIWYG html editor which helps to create great looking HTML e-letters.

Visit our web link www.tiaanosoft.com\registration.aspx to register and gain access to on our exceptional eWhizs software.

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Design atractive newsletters
Very easy to manage newsletters
Reach targeted companies
View detailed reports
Send any number of newsletters
Easy to manage your email contacts
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