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About Tiaanosoft

Tiaanosoft is a software development company that offers programming, design and consulting services to a wide range of industries and business areas. Our highest quality services are driven by the customer's comfort, cost benefits, schedule and budget and confidentially and security issues. We have highly valued software to say a few are:

Tiaanosoft’s eWhizs is software that manages a mailing list and sends mass newsletter emails. Our software is used to communicate with customers and friends by creating and sending personalized bulk emails to the contacts in a mailing list database. It integrates the mailing list subscription modules within a website to gather new recipients automatically.

Our Tiaano’s ERP implementation works with greater speed. The faster it is implemented, the quicker and better are the advantages and delivery in terms of results. This early process has another hold. The returns are sought at a shorter period.

Our Vendor Registration software creates valued partners in the business development and works with them in a spirit of mutual co-operation to meet the business objectives. Our policy is to develop a vendor base committed to continuous improvement to meet quality, cost and delivery standards. We consider vendors as partners in progress and believe in establishing mutually beneficial long term relationships. We provide necessary assistance in all areas of operation for maintenance.

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